At Kingdom Impact Outreach Ministries  we believe that we, the children of God, can not survive without a vision.  As the scripture teaches us, 

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”

Proverbs 29:18 


How then do we know this to be true?  At Kingdom Impact Outreach Ministries we know it to be true because the Bible tells us.  The Bible is full of stories and examples of the importance of vision and how we prosper when we adhere to and act on our vision.


Take the story of Noah.  God gave Noah the vision of a future filled with torrential rains and massive flooding.  Not only did Noah believe his vision would come true, he also understood that if he acted upon his vision it would make a difference all over the world.  So he acted upon his vision.  Noah acted even when he was ridiculed, even when people expressed their doubts and even when those around him lost faith.  Noah persevered, believed and built upon his vision and his people were saved.


At Kingdom Impact Outreach Ministries we understand that God has a “future desire” for all of us—that is part of his plan and purpose.  God also shares this picture with a chosen leader to “make plain” the vision and to take the responsibility for it to come to pass.  The vision is articulated and communicated to those who are called to support the leader and the church family.  And through dedication, hard work and faith God brings his plan to pass through his people. 


The following is the vision for Kingdom Impact Outreach Ministries that God has placed within the heart of Pastor Luster, and that has bore witness with the leaders God has placed around him. The vision is communicated in faith, knowing that God will surely do all that He has spoken. 



 *Is that God has called us to become a Biblically Based and Actively Engaged Church family.

*Is that the role of the Church is not only to deliver the Gospel but also to do the work of the son of God, Jesus Christ.

 *Is that we are a place welcoming hundreds of people in to a church family that is Biblically Based and Actively Engaged

 *Is that we are a church that utilizes innovative tools to proclaim our messages and Gods Works beyond the physical confines of one city

 *Is that our Prison Ministry while delivering the Gospel to these forgotten Men and Women, change their path ,touch their heart and soul and connects them to a world filled with the love of the Lord and service to community

 *Is that our Unmarried Ministry provides the tools for those who are unmarried and living for Jesus. Helping them avoid the temptations that Christians face while developing a healthy self worth

 *Is that our Women’s Ministry 3 Auxiliaries, minster directly and completely to the vast complexity of the needs of spiritual Women and girls of all ages seeking a loving, profound and complete relationship with Christ

 *Is that our Men’s Ministry enlightens and empowers our Men and boys and leads  them to the path of accountability and towards an understanding of the true roles of Men—to lead, to provide and to protect

 *Is that we not only create a church home of 4 walls that speak to the spiritual need of our members but that we reach into our community and  to connect the community to our vision

 *Is that we create a Biblically Based and Actively Engaged Chamber of Commerce that will connect our businesses to our church and our church to our businesses

 Is that our Biblically Based and Actively Engaged Chamber of Commerce  serves as the incubus for all of our Businesses

 Is that our Biblically Based and Actively Engaged Chamber of Commerce  not just include businesses but also includes a business incubator that allows our members and community to enter the world of business ownership with purpose, direction and Christ’s teachings

 Is that we are not just sustaining a Church but that our Church and our members sustain an entire community

 Is that we create a beautiful business community consisting of businesses owned by our members and sustained by support of our members and our community

 Is that the community be touched by our words and our deeds

 Is that our Kingdom Impact Outreach Ministries Chamber of Commerce consists of grocery stores, daycare, restaurants and all business vital to the sustainment of a community

 Is that we build a remarkable facility as part of our Chamber of Commerce for our children that address the need of our children and demonstrate to them how much we value them


This is our description of our future, our depiction of where we are headed and what it all will look like when we get there.


Then the Lord answered me and said, “Record the vision and write it down that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is coming in the appointed time, it hastens toward the goal and it will not fail! Though it seems a way off, wait for it in faith, for it will certainly come and it will not delay forever!” Habakkuk 2:2-3